Starting an online store is always a great idea! But, how to setup an online store in a professional way? Here are 7 things you need to keep in mind!


Believe it or not – starting an online store is pretty easy, everyone can do it! There is no need to pay thousands of dollars for a certain company to offer you an ecommerce solution when you can set up an online store by yourself. The most challenging part is getting Google and other search engines to care for your new online store, getting the customer to your store and convince them to purchase from you, and the most important part – keeping them coming back again.

In this article, we will show you how to setup an online store like a pro. All you need to do is follow these 7 things:

  1. Choose your system carefully – Stay away from custom or specialized solutions build on old and obscure codes and try to find a system that is well-supported, popular, and with a good community behind it. Also, you need a system that produces amazing and modern-looking shops. If you want to build a successful online store and avoid any contact with codes, we highly recommend you to try Shopify. It is one of the best ecommerce platforms on the market.
  2. The importance of optimization – You need to keep in mind that a slow page load time can mean a great loss of customers. In order to avoid slow page load time, you need to optimize your online store. If you have chosen a hosted solution when starting your store, there is really not much you can do, but if you have set up your store by using WordPress or another platform, you need to find the best method to optimize your web pages.
  3. Research the competition – In order to be better than your rivals, you need to analyze them and know exactly what they offer, how they promote their products, and etc. If you know everything about the competition, you have a good chance of becoming a better seller and attract more customers to your store.
  4. Expand and improve page content with customer input – Having a few descriptive sentences and a few photos of your products is not enough. You need to do something more and that is to expand and improve page content with customer input. You need to offer your customers more than a boring text and product photos. You should allow your customers to share their actions and opinions of the products you sell.
  5. Run a newsletter – The secret weapon of ecommerce are the newsletters. It is a customer base of active and loyal shoppers. When a customer makes a sale, convince him to sign up for a newsletter. Ensure there is a sign-up area on your homepage.
  6. The importance of SEO – You cannot expect to run a successful online store if you don’t pay a special attention to SEO. If you want your customers to locate your store easily, you need to use short product descriptions, have product categories, have a unique URL, and etc. By following these few things, Google will promote you and you will be able to rank higher.
  7. Embrace your social media presence – Being present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others is really important. It is your chance to communicate and interact with your potential customers, offer sneak peeks into your products, give promotions and discounts, and etc.

We hope these 7 tips will help you set up a successful and prosperous store!


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